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Got a new Dell M6800 laptop with nvidia Quadro K3100M video card. Installing Ubuntu worked like a charm, getting the nvidia card to work was a serious pain. Making the PC work with two external monitors when it is plugged into a docking station is the next quest (nightmare).

The nvidia proprietary drivers installed are version 331.20. Booting the PC when it is plugged into the docking station (lid closed) make both internal LCD and one of the external screens to display the same information, but the external screen does not show up correctly. It is missing a bottom and right part of the screen.

Starting "sudo nvidia-settings" and performing detect displays results in no action at all (331.20 version does not allow to do much more than that). Running "sudo nvidia-xconfig" generates a basic xorg.conf file but it cannot be used.

Is there anybody out there who already went through this flow (pain)? Making two external monitors work when a laptop is docked.

Many thanks in advance,

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