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Possible Duplicate:
How can I remove un-installed programs from the Unity dash menu?

I installed iTunes 10 via PlayOnLinux and later uninstalled it. However, the app icon still shows up in Unity's Applications lens and I cant find where to delete it at all.

I tried looking in usr/local/application and in usr/share/application etc. etc. I've also searched the whole computer: Apple Software Update, About iTunes, Quicktime, etc. etc., but iTunes still shows up in my Applications lens and is clickable. When I click it, the lens closes as if to launch iTunes but since it's been uninstalled, nothing happens.

Please help, this is annoying as hell and I just switched from Win 7 to Natty. I don't need WINE but want my app lens back to normal.

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Take a look at the ~/.local/share/applications/wine folder (and subfolders). You'd need to delete the .desktop files belonging to the applications in question.

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I had this same problem with some wine apps i had installed, and this was where the .desktop files were hiding. – Dorkus1218 May 14 '11 at 4:08

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