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Please be gentle--I'm a Linux virgin. :-D

I've wanted to convert to Linux for many years now, because I hate Microsoft with all the passion of a million white-hot suns. When I learned that Microsoft will stop offering support for Windows XP in April, which is the OS my netbook came with, I decided it's a sign that the time has come to make the change.

So... I downloaded Ubuntu Desktop 12.04. I tried to run the wubi .exe file, but I got an error message: Cannot install into C:\ubuntu There is another file or directory with this name. Please remove it before continuing. For more information, please see the log file: c:\docume~1...\wubi-12.04.4-rev280.log

I tried to remove every file with ubuntu or wubi as part of its name, but when I tried again to install I still couldn't get it to work. How do I get the installation to succeed?

(My browser is Google Chrome, if that helps. Also, the netbook doesn't have a CD drive and I don't have a USB stick, so what I really want is to install Ubuntu from website or my netbook's hard drive.)

Thanks, Molly

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You can install it alongside Windows from virtual machine. Just add real disk into that machine and boot it from CD. If you will be careful, it will work. But I strongly recommend you to buy USB stick (2GB minimal), make it Ubuntu installation stick (good tool: Ubuntu Universal Installer) then boot from it and install Ubuntu. –  Danatela Feb 25 '14 at 5:58
Suggestion for which *buntu version to install: 1GB RAM + 12GB SSD means you can install whatever you want as long as it's the 32-bit version, but I would go with Xubuntu 32-bit to take fullest advantage fast performance of the SSD. There is a Long Term Support release of Ubuntu scheduled to be released in another 2 months, if you want to upgrade to that. For more info about the full Ubuntu install, NOT wubi, not net install: askubuntu.com/questions/350283/…. –  karel Feb 25 '14 at 8:08

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