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I would like to get the correct driver for my graphics card. I am running Ubuntu 13.10. I think I have an ATI Radeon HD4200 integrated graphics chip, but when I go into system details, Ubuntu says the driver is "Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS880." Is this the correct driver? If not, how can I install the correct one? P.S. I am a total Ubuntu newbie, have used MS Windows all my life. Step by step explanations please

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I am trying to install driver for my AMD Radeon HD8570 too. I found this helpful:

What is the correct way to install ATI Catalyst Video Drivers (fglrx)?

I have tried several ways in that post and pages it refers, among which I found the answer "Installing the ATI Catalyst Drivers for 13.04" in that post suits my situation (ubuntu 12.04.4, 64bit OS) at the best. And it is the most simple one I have ever tried, although I can pass the installation test only before I restart my system (once restarted, both fglxinfo and fgl_glxgears would result in the same error).

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