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Possible Duplicate:
Is there a Unity-like global menu applet for gnome-panel?

I know this is an odd question. I like the top and bottom panels of Ubuntu Classic, but I also like the Natty app bar as well. Is there a way to blend the two? I know... why do I need the bottom bar if I have the app bar? Old ways die hard, thats why :) I also like the old top panel feature of "Applications | Places | System" ... yet all that said, Id like to have the new dock (ok, not dock, but Natty app bar).

I would think this blending of old and new would be a great way to transition long time users who are, uhhhh, nervous of change :)

Any tips or ideas? Thanks!

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You can put 'gnome-panel' at start up applications.

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There is now a Places Indicator that would bring back one of you missing items.

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