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I'd installed SSD to my desktop and copyed existing Kubuntu 13.10 from HDD to it (fixed /etc/fstab and so after copying).

Because some BIOS&AHCI related issues I'm need to disable SSD in BIOS and boot GRUB2 and kernel from HDD with rootfs on SSD. So there is 3 questions:

  1. I'm want to keep existing HDD installation of Kubuntu 13.10 as fallback in case of SSD failure, so how should I set up GRUB2 and /boot/ to create 2 menu items with same kernel but different root= settings (one main, for root=SSD and one aux, for root=HDD)?
  2. How to set up apt-get to don't remove kernel needed by HDD installation of Kubuntu?
  3. I'm want to keep swap partition on HDD but use SSD for hibernate/restore. How should I set Tuxonice for this configuration?

Thank You.

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