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Can i install Ubuntu on my pen drive, i do not want to install it at my system's drive

I just want whenever i plug the pen drive, run Ubuntu else run my Windows 8

Is it possible if it is possible.. will get my data back after shutdown and restart with Ubuntu.

Pls help me Thanks

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You can, but you'll want a USB 3.0 for decent speeds. Also, the constant r/w will greatly reduce your flash drive life.

I would recommend installing lubuntu (a lightweight variant) instead of Ubuntu.

That aside, use the Universal USB Installer to copy your ubuntu ISO file to your USB drive and make it bootable, and on the step 4 you set the amount of space it will use to store the changes, this way it won't revert to the default state when you boot.

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Yes i have USB 3.0 and i want to install it on my pen drive only, please provide me step by step process for install Ubuntu my pen drive only Thanks.. – Vimal Yadav Feb 24 '14 at 12:17

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