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Trying to access the GPS data on a Nexus 4 phone with Ubuntu Touch on it. Does anyone know if there is /dev/ to read the raw NMEA data stream? I did several researches online but cannot get any info on that.

As far as I understand the gps chip is an Avago device, but I was not able to find the linux drivers (I was hoping to get some low level details reading the driver code)

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Best I have found so far is /usr/bin/test_gps which gives NMEA output. Other than that you could write a Python script to interface with dbus and get the location data. Good examples for GSM modem interface are in /usr/share/ofono/scripts/. This will give you a good start.

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I ended up doing this: #!/bin/bash test_gps|grep nmea|awk '{print $3}'|grep GP >> /dev/gps – krisabsinthe42 Jul 27 '14 at 20:38
I have setup a git repo for making a xinetd nmea stream service. – krisabsinthe42 Jul 27 '14 at 23:26

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