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Which is the recommended laptop model for Dell Vostro. Is it 2420 or 2520 or 3560, which is the latest?

I currently have 2420, 2520 as well and I am having lots of issues with wireless drivers for 2520. I just need to know which machine is better for software development

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I currently have Dell Vostro 3560 running Ubuntu 12.04 and I am having no issue as of now regarding Wi-Fi. I am also a software engineering student and I have no trouble running g++, java.

About the latest version I think 3560 is the latest. You can also go to dell official website to find out more about the version of laptops.

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What advantages are there in 3560 compared to 2420 or 2520 laptops? I don't need a powerful graphics option. – Rpj Feb 23 '14 at 15:37

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