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When I type date in gnome-terminal, or xterm it reads out in 24 hour time, is there any way to make it use 12 hour. According to date --help using %r should do the trick, but there are no examples given as to how to input that command. I've tried date %r, and date%r but they don't work. It should be noted that my GUI clock on the top panel of my screen is using 12 hour format at the moment.

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You have to add a "+" before the option like This,

date +%r
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Reading the man page,


   date [OPTION]... [+FORMAT]

you have to put the format after a + sign.

date +%r 

should do the trick.

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You can make an alias for date in .bashrc by typing alias date=date +%r and then doing source .bashrc, if you want to change date default format.

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