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After installing the latest libimobildevice updates most of the trust issues were resolved. But now I have a new irksome problem where each time I connect my iphone via usb VLC gets mount errors(See below). I googled exhaustively around and could not find any clues as to fixing the problem. Most references were regarding smb. Its not a "show stopper" but it does need to be addressed.

When I check my .gvfs home directory nothing is listed. I tried creating the requested files to no avail. This gvfs mounting thing is very cludgy to me. It is unlike the unix mounting I have experience with. There appears to be some kind of cross-mounting.

Any help is appreciated.

VLC Errors File reading failed: VLC could not open the file "/home/jspot/.gvfs/juser.(No such file or directory) VLC is unable to open the MRL 'file:///home/jspot/.gvfs/juser'.heck the log for details.

Accompanying pop up error: Unable to mount juser Location is already mounted

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