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juju is important to shop online? ... how to use it? especially for user wordpress .., I just hear juju associated with wordpress

what is juju deploy wordpress? enter link description here

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From Ubuntu Juju | Deploy page:

Juju manages your systems architecture as services in the cloud. It is a simple client/server application that bootstraps an instance to create and control the rest of your environment. You can use it through a GUI or from the command-line, scale in all directions and easily move your environment between clouds.

It's not related directly to shopping or Wordpress, but you can use it to deploy a wordpress blog (check the tutorial below).

juju deploy wordpress is a command-line interface (CLI) command which instructs Juju to deploy a new instance (VM) in the cloud, using the settings defined in your Juju "environment". The equivalent operation in Juju GUI can be by dragging and dropping a charm, directly from your browser.

For more info check:

You can find a lot of answered questions here about Juju. The source, bugs and other info can be found on Launchpad.

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