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I am very frustrated with the default file manager in Ubuntu. I understand that the default file manager system is Nautilus. When I want to search the entire file system for any particular word, string, whatever, the resulting search does not list everything that matches my search request.

  1. How can I make Nautilus perform a full and complete search of all files/folders and sub-folders on my computer?
  2. If Nautilus will not do this, what, if any, alternative file manager will work?

I am use to the Windows Explorer file manager and would like to have a similar file manager for Ubuntu.

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Nautilus should do the needs. But if you like to try you could try gnome-search-tool

sudo apt-get install gnome-search-tool

Note that this is just an application and not a new file manager, but anyway if you really like to try other file managers here is a link for 20 file manager that could be installed in Ubuntu. Enjoy

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