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Just want to ask, if i change the password on the root user, is that going to automatically change the password to on the user account?

i found this link to change the root user

How do I change the user account password?

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To do it using command line:

To change the root password:

sudo passwd

To change your user password:


To change other users password:

sudo passwd USERNAME

To do it GUI open the application User Accounts from the Dash and there you can change password easily for all users unless the root

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For other Ubuntu newbs like me, NB that the root password is not the same as "the admin" password. If you want to change an admin password for the current user, use the version without sudo. (This was not obvious to me, coming from a Windows background.) – ibgib May 30 at 23:21

As a user, you can change your own password in a terminal, using passwd. You will be asked for the current password and can then enter a new one.

On Ubuntu, there normally is no separate password for root. Instead, users with administrator privileges may use sudo to run commands as a super user.

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ok yea just saw this post‌​mandline/ but still thanks for clarifying. – Alisha Feb 21 '14 at 0:55

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