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I am doing a migration from redmine 1.3.2 stable to 2.4.3 for that I need to migrate as well the uploaded files. In every documentation I can find it says that the uploaded files are in the /installdirectory/files

But for me, it's not the case! In fact I can't find any of the uploaded files using

locate filename

Uploaded file directory is selected as writeable in redmine, but I can't find it. Not even when I upload a testfile called 1234567.txt or something.

Any Ideas where it can be ?

MY installation folder contains this folder :

app, config, db, extra, lib, public, Rakefile, script, templates, test, vendor

any Idea?

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I finally found it! It was somehow stored under /var/lib/redmine/default/files/

Funny that there is nothing else but this folder. There is a way to modify the folder location in the redmine installation.

For that you have to change under redmine/config/xxxx.rb (your environment name)

and add: attachments_storage_path: /your/file/location

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