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I'm running a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04, I have dual screens running on an nvidia gtx 760 running 331.49 drivers. Not sure whether this is relevant or not, but I have only the launcher bar enabled on the left most screen, and sticky edges disabled.

The two problems I am experiencing involve ctrl-alt-num window snap feature, but only with ctrl-alt-8 and ctrl-alt-2, and only with a terminal window. These issues do not seem to affect other applications as far as I can tell.

Problem 1: On the left screen, when snapping the window to the top or bottom half (ctrl-alt-8 or -2, respectively), immediately after snapping if I use the cursor to select text the actual selection area appears offset to the right of the cursor by a distance equivalent to the width of the launcher bar.

If I use Compiz ccsm Unity plugin to adjust the size of the launcher bar, the size of the offset changes proportionately.

This horizontal cursor/selection offset problem is temporarily resolved by simply clicking the title bar of the terminal window once (no movement of the window required), and subsequent text selection in the terminal window is properly aligned with the cursor. Hotkey snapping the terminal window again revives the offset.

Problem 2: When using the right screen, and snapping a window to the top or bottom half (ctrl-alt-8 or -2) the window visually appears to be properly snapped on the top/bottom half of the right screen, but the window manager seems to think the terminal window is in fact snapped to the top/bottom of the left screen.

To clarify what I mean by this is, after snapping a terminal window on the right screen using either of these hotkey combinations, if I click on the terminal window (either terminal area, or title bar) where I see it on the right screen, it is as if I am clicking on the desktop (or other application behind the terminal window, if there is one), and the terminal window goes out of focus. However, after snapping the terminal window on the right screen to the top/bottom, if I click on the left screen in the top/bottom area it is as if I am clicking on the terminal window.

To temporarily resolve this issue immediately after snapping the window, if, in the left screen, I click on the invisible area which matches up with the terminal window's title bar the terminal window gains focus, and I can then click on the visible terminal window where I see it on the right screen.

Attempted, but failed fixes: I have tried the following

dconf reset -f /org/compiz/
gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1
unity --reset

and apt-get purge/reinstall of unity and compiz packages.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



EDIT: I would consider this a bug, and if this is better submitted as a bug report, please let me know. I am naive to the protocol of submitting bug reports. That said, perhaps this issue is already known and my searches have not turned up existing knowledge on the issue. However, I am a bit surprised something like this exists in the mature state of this LTS release.

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