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I recently installed Ubuntu Server edition 13.10. But I have ran into a bit of problem.

At the end of the install, it asks you for several extra packages whether you want them nor not, like openSSH server, virtual machine host. Here's what I'm looking at:

enter image description here

Now, my problem is that I can't remember If i have checked the "virtual machine host" checkbox. How do I check if my server has the corresponding packages? What packages come with the virtual machine host?


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To List all Installed Packages

Here less = fix in a page to scroll

# dpkg -l | less

To check Wether the package installed are not

syntax :

# dpkg -l {package_name}
# dpkg -l vlc

To check the Package Wether installed are not and if there is package installed it need to get launched

# dpkg -l | vlc

To see Wether the package installed or not.

And this will show the Location were else it have installed Here -S (Captial S) to Search the package installed or not

# sudo dpkg -S {package_name}
# sudo dpkg -S skype

And we can Even Use a Grep Command as follow by listing

# dpkg -l | grep linux-image
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dpkg -l | vlc doesn't look right. That will pipe the output of dpkg into vlc. Do you mean dpkg -l | grep vlc? –  AgentME Dec 19 '14 at 22:19

Use dpkg

This command is the debian package manager.

You can list all the installed packages with

dpkg -l

You can see details for a specific package with

dpkg -p packagename

And to learn if it is installed ,use

dpkg -s packagename | grep Status

You can learn which package contains the software you want with

apt-cache search name*  

In your case you should use this command to search the package name you want

apt-cache search virtual machine host 
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Use tasksel ('$ sudo apt-get install tasksel' if you don't already have it) and run '$ tasksel --list-tasks'.

tasksel will print out a list of the tasks, and there will be an 'i' next to each task that is installed, and a 'u' next to each task that is not installed.

If you wish to install the task, use '$ tasksel install '. The name of the task you are looking for is 'virt-host'.

The software selection items are called "tasks".

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thanks for telling me the name of the task, that was one of my problems, wasn't sure which package to look for. –  D.Zou Feb 20 '14 at 22:11

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