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Hey everyone this is my first post here on the askUbuntu forums. I've been an avid Linux user for over a year now but by no means an expert.

The problem I'm facing is one I have not been able to solve by myself. I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 on an external hard drive of mine. I don't know if this matters, but this external hard drive of mine is actually an old hard drive from my old Gateway laptop. Once the monitor on the Gateway laptop had burned out I simply extracted the hard drive (and checked it to make it is healthy which it is) and placed it in an external hard drive enclosure.

I've created an Ubuntu LiveUSB using the PendriveLinux Universal USB installer. I know the installer works because I have installed it on other systems.

I've run the Ubuntu LiveUSB and it looks like I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 on the external hard drive as it has the /root directory, the swap directory, and the bootloader installed on the external drive (/dev/sdc).

When I go to boot from the external drive, all I boot into is a black screen that does nothing causing me to hard reset my laptop. No grub menu nothing. I know that my laptop is capable of booting from USB because I can boot from the LiveUSB.

I've also tried using Boot-Repair in both the LiveUSB and as its own bootable USB to repair GRUB.

Here are the results

Please help! All I want is run Ubuntu from the external drive, I never thought it would be so difficult.

Thanks a lot

EDIT: My laptop is running Windows 8 Pro, that was installed by upgrading from Windows 7 on a BIOS set-up. I do not have secure boot nor UEFI. The computer is a HP DV6 model. The OS that was previously on the external hard drive (where I am attempting to run Ubuntu from) was Windows 7 I believe but I've formatted the drive.

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based on your pastebin post it looks like /dev/sdb is the external drive you want to boot from is this correct? Do you still have this problem? – Elder Geek Jun 12 '14 at 22:32

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