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Hello and Thank You for taking the time to read the following:

I had Fedora 20 and Win7 dual-booted on my Acer Laptop, but today I decided I wanted to get rid of Fedora and make better use of the hdd space. I used gparted to delete all the partitions related to the Fedora install. Once I was done I rebooted... and I got a nasty shock; I was locked into GRUB rescue.

I am still searching for more information to find a solution on my own, but I figure it can't hurt my chances of success if I make a post here too.

Relevant facts:

I am stuck in GRUB rescue I seem to be unable to load LIVE USBs (Boot Repair) or even Lubuntu which I have burned on a CD. MY BIOS order is set to USB-->CD_ROM--> HDD

Any help or guidance to a relevant article is welcome.

I do NOT have a WIN7 recovery disk. My laptop came with a recovery partition... and I fooloishly never made a disc from it.


PROBLEM FIXED. Boot Repair did the job and fixed the MBR.

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possible duplicate of How to remove Ubuntu and put Windows back on? –  Danatela Feb 19 at 5:19
The question is, why won't it boot from USB/CD, before you get into grub recovery? Booting from USB/CD when you have that boot order, should be done, before anything is read of the harddrive. –  Dan Johansen Feb 19 at 5:19
Well, I have two USB sticks. One has Boot Repair (help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair), the other is a live USB with Fedora 20. Neither one is loaded on. MY computer simply turns on, gives me that brief window to load into BIOS, and then I am in GRUB rescue. In addition, I have a live cd with lubuntu, and that is not being loaded either. –  user249827 Feb 19 at 5:24
Go to BIOS,under the Boot tab try to Disable Secure boot,and choose in the boot option which includes CSM, UEFI.DO reply if the probblem persists. –  Terminal Feb 19 at 5:38
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If you want to get your linux OS back you can do it with any live CD. But if you want only windows 7 you need to get a windows 7 disk and go to repair and choose start up repair. It should work. It will not erase your data or format any partition if you don't choose to do it so. choose command prompt from the start up repair screen and type 'bootrec /fixmbr' it should look like
X:\>Sources>bootrec /fixmbr
Then reboot the system. It will boot to windows 7.

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Nah. I just wanted to keep my win7 available to me. Now I the problem is fixed (thanks to boot repair) and I am on my way to adding a new linux distro. –  user249827 Feb 19 at 5:49
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