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i used a program that will put an iso on a usb stick. so thats what i did with ubuntu. i installed it through windows onto another drive. when doing it this way, its asks for you to give ubuntu a username and password. i gave a different username than windows to ubuntu. when i booted into ubuntu, the main screen displays my windows name, but takes my new user password (i dont have a password on the windows account).

the windows name is titan, the ubuntu name is dwarf. so i tried usermod -l titan dwarf and it says dwarf is logged in. so where is that display name of titan on the ubuntu login screen coming from, why, and what can i do to remove it? any help would be awesome

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Did you enter "titan" as your full name, and "dwarf" as your user name? –  psusi Feb 19 '14 at 4:36
no. titan was only entered as the local account name on the windows install. when installing ubuntu from the usb inside of windows, it asked me to create an account for ubuntu. it defaulted to titan, but i changed it to dwarf –  dwarf Feb 20 '14 at 1:24

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