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i'm new in this Ubuntu world. I'm trying out ubuntu 13.10, and my goal is to customize it as far as i'm comfortable with. But now i'm at a breaking point: I'm a gamer, and i really want ubuntu to fulfill my gaming expectancies (taking away the few titles that are out there for ubuntu), since i'm tired of windows. I'm trying out Left 4 Dead 2 here, but i'm experiencing a lower fps rate than with windows, and for some reason after playing some minutes my cpu reaches critical ussage levels. This game is my test subject since it's valve's official (Steam's original) and it's a game that does not consume too much.

For the CPU problem: This used to happen when it was overheating, but i've cleaned every part now, and i directed a ventilator to the pc, wich should solve that problem. I also installed some heavy (in pc ussage terms) programs like "Live Wallpaper", wich, of course, i closed when i noticed the problem. I have an AMD Phenom 3 X2 Black edition. It was never before a cpu capacity problem.

For the GPU problem: It showed an absurd (positive) change when i downscaled the Antiaisling and filtering modes, i used them in 8x both, and now, i'm using them in 4x (wich kind of upsets me). I have an Nvidia 460 OC from factory, and using the official privative nvidia xorg drivers, v 319 (newest that i have avalible). Could it be that these are not the best drivers for heavy gaming? Is oibaf better?

Sorry for my bad english, i hope someone could help me to get better preformance from this. Thanks

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