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I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 with unity (a very bad move) and then installed advanced CCSM and deactivated the desktop wall and ticked the desktop cube. Upon pressing OK, I cannot access anything. Not the dash nor the launcher ... nothing.

I do not know what to do know ... I cannot open the terminal.

Please help me!

I am new to Ubuntu .... only a month old user... I sadly upgraded to 11.04 yesterday .... If you're reading this from a 10.10 .... do not upgrade ... bad business.

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Try executing unity --replace. Even if the Alt+F2 dialog does not appear, it could still be running. What graphics card/drivers are you using?

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try to launch a terminal or so and execute unity &. This should launch everything. Because this problem occurs pretty often i made a keyboard shortcut for this command e.g.: Super + Alt + u.

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Thanks a lot guys.

I managed it .... what I did (for future readers), I made a desktop launcher (shortcut) and assigned it to the Gnu-terminal inside /usr/bin/

I then used the shortcut to access the terminal, went to /usr/bin and typed ccsm to access compiz configure. One can also do as mentioned in the above posts.

By the way, after a couple of days of using Unity .... I guess it has the potential to be great .... but not just yet.

Another thing that I didn't know is that one can access the Ubuntu classic from the log screen to access the Gnome GUI.

Thanks again for the posters

Hisham ElSafti

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I had a similar problem and this is what I did:

  1. Right click on your desktop and choose Create Launcher...
  2. Enter the following in the dialog box:
    Type: Application in Terminal
    Name: Reset Unity (you can use anything here)
    Command: unity --reset
    Comment: (anything)


  3. Now double click on the link to open it in a terminal window.

  4. When everything is done (when your bars are back) restart your computer.
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