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I am trying to setup a dual boot system with Win XP SP3 and xUbuntu from the Wubi.

I have WinXP on a drive partition (C:) and I am installing xUbuntu to a drive partition (D:) both of which have 293GB capacity with D: being a fresh format.

Wubi installs fine from Windows and gets to the point where it needs to reboot. I click reboot and then when the dual boot option comes up I choose xUbuntu.

This is where the issue arises. It loads into the xUbuntu loading screen then states it cannot find the iso file and therefore cannot finish installation.

I'm lost as obviously the iso was downloaded by Wubi.

Can anyone help?

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It would help to know which version of xubuntu you are trying to install. Note that support for wubi installs have been dropped in the last couple of releases. Also wubi is just for trying xubuntu out it is not meant to be used for long term. –  Wild Man Feb 16 '14 at 18:08

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