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I am running a Laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 installed (running fine). I have a strange issue: The wireless networking does not work in certain Networks and I have absolutely no Idea where start searching for the error.

For instance: My home network, a quite new "Fritzbox" populates a network on Channel 13, 802.11n+g+b, WPA + WPA2, with an SSID containing lowercase characters only (no whitespace, dashes, numbers, [a-z]+ in regex). It is not possible to find that network in the list of available networks and trying to connect to a hidden network leads to the problem that the network security key is prompted over and over again.

For some reason, in some networks which are found in the list, the key is prompted over and over again and no connection is established after entering the right key (double checked ten times).

The strange thing about that is, that this occurs only in some networks, so for instance, at my office and a number of other networks it works just fine.

Where could I find some error messages? How should I start to fix that?

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