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I had some problems with windows boot manager on my ASUS Zenbook UX32VD and I'm really considering kicking Windows away and embrace Ubuntu.

But, prior to going to it, I would like to know:

  1. Wich version is the best choice between 12.04 LTS and 13.10, now available?

  2. The ASUS Suport offers no drivers to Linux Ubuntu. Will the Windows 7 64 bits work?

  3. Wich graphic software works fine on Ubuntu? I use Photoshop, Ilustrator and InDesign on Windows OS, and I know there's the free choices Gimp, Inkscape and Scribus. Do you guys know if they work good (and if there's other choices) on Ubuntu?

Thanks for your time, I'm new on Linux / Ubuntu, and I'd like some ideas before spending time on it.

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It is better to ask only one question per post. But I try to answer all your questions:

For Question 1:

12.04 LTS LTS means "Long Term Support". The software versions on this are from 2012. So 2 year old. 12.04 is your choice when you want support for a long time.

13.10 is the newest Version. The software versions are nearly the newest available. This is your choice when you need newer features and don't care updating the system after a few Month.

In April there will be Version 14.04 LTS. So you could start with 13.10 now and then upgrade to 14.04 in April and then have LTS.

For Question 2:

You don't need drivers for Ubuntu. Ubuntu comes with hardware support out of the box. I never had problems installing it on any Laptop. Perhaps some buttons or functions don't work out of the box. But therefore you then have "Ask Ubuntu" :)

For Question 3:

They are good. You need time to learn differences but it is possible. I swiched 5 Years ago and never looked back to Windows. But if you work in print you will have your problems with cmyk colors. Gimp is not good in cmyk. For that reason only, i have running photoshop with wine.

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