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I installed PasswordSafe 0.93 beta by downloading its deb-package from SourceForge and have it taken care of using Ubuntu Software Center.

Now PasswordSafe asks me every time what psafe3-file to load instead of offering me a default one - as it used to be with the Windows version of it. So I thought about having a look at PasswordSafe and its (probably existing) config files and see if I can edit them appropriately. But this endeavour fails at locating the program and its related stuff.

How do I go about finding it?

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possible duplicate of Where can I find the application executables in the filesystem? –  kamil Feb 15 at 14:42
actually it is - I tried which/whereis before but failed because I didn't know what is the cmd for PasswordSafe (pwsafe) - then stumbled up on it just now ... –  Raffael Feb 15 at 14:45
try with the locate command in terminal, like so: locate PasswordSafe –  v2r Feb 15 at 14:51
@v2r: doesn't seem to work in this case –  Raffael Feb 15 at 14:55
Ok then. I see Olupot Douglas answer worked out well (: –  v2r Feb 15 at 15:14
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you open terminal and type these

  which <program_name>


  whereis <program_name>

alternatively use this command

 dpkg -L 'packagename'

will display the path to the the files

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