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I previously ran in Ubuntu 12.10 as a dual boot with Windows XP.

I upgraded Ubuntu to 13.10 in this dual boot configuration.

Now Networking is disabled. I have access to the internet and email just as before.

However, since the upgrade to 13.10, from Ubuntu I can no longer gain access to the files on the Windows partition where all of my work is stored.

Will getting the Network Manager to run restore this capacity? How does one get networking to run again?

I am very new to Ubuntu and would like to eventually run it as my only OS.

OK, The network manager doesn't have influence on accessing files on another partition. Also, I cannot open files on my thumb drive. It shows up in "Places" but I am not allowed access to it. Where can I find out more about changing permission to access my files on a thumb drive or the rest of the Windows partition? I want to solve that issue, but still am interested in getting the Network Manager to run.

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Don, unless I got it all wrong, the misunderstanding is on your side. When the windows partition with your data is on the same pc, there is no "networking" involved. The Network Manager manages your internet connection (via router, modem, etc.) Please leave it alone for now. If you screw that one up, you'll cut yourself from the internet and won't even be able to post further questions or look for some hints online. –  Klaus Warzecha Feb 14 '14 at 21:08

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