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I have an AMD A8-5500 system. When I set it up, it was on a small monitor with a 1366x768,60 video setting.

I moved the system to my living room and attached it to my Secptre HDTV. I connected both the VGA and HDMI connectors to the TV. On both inputs I got a blank screen with a No Support message. When I booted the system with a USB stick with the try/install options, both inputs worked with the open source driver.

The VGA was limited to 1024x768, though. After trying different things such as removing and re-installing the catalyst driver in terminal mode, I discovered that the catalyst driver would only work when the VGA plug was physically disconnected from the computer. If I connected it while running the screen would go blank with the no support message as soon as I used either amdcccle or system setting to attempt to configure the VGA output. Is the problem with the TV?

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