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I have an existing install of both Ubuntu 13.10 on my laptop, and Lubuntu 13.10 on my old P4. Neither of them can see the NTFS partition on my external 2TB hard drive, which is odd. The Lubuntu machine has another identical (also 2TB, purchased at the same time), also NTFS formatted and partitioned in the same way - that mounts just fine.

Windows 7 on a third PC sees the drive and partition just fine, and chkdsk returned no errors. There is 102MB of free space on the drive (so, not very much) and it only has a single partition as large as possible. It's using a guid partition table.

Image grab shows ntfs utility can't see drive; disks utility CAN see it but the partition is empty, and outputs of cat /etc/fstab and cat /proc/mounts, if it is any help. I do have the ntfs configuration tools installed, and I have done sudo mkdir -p /etc/hal/fdi/policy (because I had to in order to get the first NTFS drive to work, which you can see in the screenshot). I've also clicked a lot of related links here on askbuntu and googled, but nothing has been mentioned so far that worked for me.

enter image description here

Happy to be advised.

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Try using Windows disk utilities to check the disk, and be sure that you properly unmount it in Windows before trying to use it in Linux. –  Rod Smith Feb 14 '14 at 22:57
err.. yes? I did mention that I had done this already (and chkdsk returned no errors). I always unmount drives properly, have been down that road. –  frumbert Feb 15 '14 at 3:44

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