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I have a problem in ubuntu 12.04

My lan settings are as follows:

4 windows pc.
1 ubuntu 12.04 desktop.

I can see all the network pc on my ubuntu network.

I can access shared folders of 3 windows PC but can not access folders of 1 windows PC.

enter image description here

Can anybody tell me what should be the problem??

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did you install samba? –  Avinash Raj Feb 14 at 6:40
Yes i installed samba –  Chirag Parekh Feb 14 at 6:41
I can access other windows pc but can not access only single windows pc. –  Chirag Parekh Feb 14 at 6:41

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You must not had shared your directory or given permissions to the windows folder.

Check the network sharing and enable the network sharing.

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The shared folder can be seen on all other pc but can not access only in ubuntu pc. –  Chirag Parekh Feb 14 at 7:18
can you see other pcs? –  kashminder Feb 14 at 7:20
Yes i can see other pcs. –  Chirag Parekh Feb 14 at 7:21

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