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I am attempting to install Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS on my MBP 5,3, however I have run into some issues regarding the process. Attempting to fix the second is made more difficult by my fix for the first, so I need some help finding a workaround.

Issue #1: No video when booting from LiveUSB (or LiveCD).

So I added "nomodeset" to the boot parameters. Now, when selecting "Install Ubuntu", it boots just fine. However, when selecting "Try Ubuntu", it just boots to a command line (which I have gathered is normal for nomodeset).

(For reference, I attempted to use the "outb" commands, but grub didn't understand them.)

Issue #2: Ubuntu hangs on "Preparing to install Ubuntu" page. Documented: Ubuntu 12.10 Installation Hangs at 'Preparing to Install Ubuntu'

I cannot attempt any of the fixes for this because pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 to bring up a terminal makes the installer disappear and brings up just a command line (as if I booted into "Try Ubuntu").

I do not know where to go from here. Any suggestions?

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regarding your provided link: I wouldn't consider an issue with 12.10 to be related to a problem with 12.04. Choosing "Try Ubuntu" should bring up a full GUI so this may be a problem with video drivers. Check the md5sum of the .iso you downloaded to insure it isn't corrupted. If possible upload a picture of the command line you are booting to so we can see what you see. Thanks for helping us help you! –  Elder Geek Jun 15 at 2:25

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