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I have installed Ubuntu via Crouton on my ChromeBook. So far, everything works fine.

The problem is, it starts with the normal user that was set up. I have enabled the root account, and set a password (as usual).
Now I want to login (graphically) as root.

The way I start gnome now is: sudo startunity.
How can I start it as root ? When I click on logout, it just shuts the gnome session down.

It seems that part of the answer is doing something like:

sudo enter-chroot
su root --> enter password 

Now the only question remaining is how to set the default user, so I don't have to enter the password every time....

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Why is this off-topic? See… . Isn't Crouton just another install mechanism? – belacqua Feb 20 '14 at 22:07
@Braiam Oli suggested "leave them open unless they're about installing". What am I missing? You have answers with fewer votes on both questions arguing that they are off-topic. – belacqua Feb 22 '14 at 4:30

Ah, found it.

In /usr/local/bin/enter-chroot

there are a few defines first. e.g. USERNAME='1000'

where 1000 is the id of the user that unity is started with.
Since the user "root" always has id 0, switch it to 0 and it starts it as root.

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