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I want to search for some file(class) in zips(jars). How to do it from command line?

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You can use "unzip -l zip-file-name.zip" to list the contents of the zip file, pipe its output to grep and then use grep to check if the list contains the file you are looking for.

unzip -l file.zip|grep file.class
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You can find if a class is present in any file from command line with:

grep {search_for} {files}

{files} can have wildcards (ie. *.zip for zipfiles). Add -R behind grep if you want to search for zipfiles in subdirectories.

(command line: man grep for more information).

In case you want to find regular expression have a look at zgrep (command line: man zgrep for more information).

This does not show the lines; it just registers if it is present in the files you checked.

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Using grep on a binary/compressed file only works by chance. Zip files apparently have a directory of the contained files, so it seems to work for zip files. grep also searches for basic regular expressions (fgrep searches for plain text). zgrep searches for basic regular expressions in compressed/gzip'ed files. –  elmicha May 11 '11 at 17:26
elmicha is right, neither grep nor zgrep will work. –  loevborg May 11 '11 at 19:31
jar -tf foobar.jar foo/bar/Foobar.class
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I think that the proper answer would be: use zgrep instead of grep.

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