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I have a dual monitor setup with an internal laptop monitor and an external VGA monitor (extended, not mirrored). When I now switch workspaces, this only happens on the internal monitor; windows on the external monitor are always "sticky"!

What I would want is the workspace stretching over both the internal monitor as well as the extended external monitor, and switching workspaces should have the same effect on both monitors.

I do not want to establish separated workspaces on each monitor which are switchable individually. This is a feature for which I found several questions here on the platform, but for my specific problem I was not able to find a solution or even a matching question...

My system is an Ubuntu 13.10 (currently with Gnome Shell) with kernel 3.12. The laptop has an nVidia Optimus graphics adapter; I basically always rely on the precessor's internal graphics adapter.

Thanks in advance!


I resolved the issue now. It turned out that it is actually a Gnome problem, this is why I did not find anything with my Ubuntu related search attempts.

You find the solution here:

The desired behavior is activated by executing

gsettings set workspaces-only-on-primary false

in a shell.

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