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I've got a very strange issue, I tried to dual boot my laptop (lenovo y500) which has a 120 gb SSD for windows 8.1, a 16 gb ssd (used to be cash, but it doens't make sense to keep it as cache after getting the ssd) wich I'll be using for ubuntu and a 1 tb drive for normal storage.

After having a lot of trouble installing Ubuntu (it wasn't able to boot every time I installed it just the regular way. (I get this screen, sorry for bad quality)Screen of ubuntu boot I then disconnected my 120 gb SSD and installed Ubuntu to the 16 gb one, and it worked just fine, however after connecting my windows drive again, it wouldn't boot anymore (just a plain black screen) and after disconnecting it, it would work again. This issue is driving me pretty crazy, since I've spend multiple days trying to install Ubuntu, I hope one of you guys know the answer.

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