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I have started to use Ubuntu a few months ago. I want to install 'Ferret' and 'NCAR Command Language' to my computer but I don't know how. Are there any way to install them on Ubuntu?

Before I started to use Ubuntu I used Fedora for a while and on Fedora I could install them easily. Am I doing something wrong or they are just not working on Ubuntu? These programs are important for me because I'm a meteorological engineer student and I'm using these programs frequently.

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Here websites of these programs: NCL and Ferret – cevlik Feb 11 '14 at 18:34

Now you can install ncl through apt-get in Ubuntu 14.04. It has a bug though. Bug . You have to do some linking.

sudo apt-get install ncl-ncarg
sudo ln -s /usr/share/ncarg /usr/lib/ncarg

And you can start using ncl inside 14.04.

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For Ferret, this guide gives detailed (and probably outdated) installation instructions. Unfortunately, it seems no .deb files are available.

To get you started:

  1. Download the source code
  2. mkdir ferret_install; cd ferret_install
  3. tar -xvzf ../fer_source.tar.gz
  4. cd FERRET
  5. less README_build_ferret (and read installation instructions).

Alternatively, you could download .rpm package and install it using alien.

sudo apt-get install alien dpkg-dev debhelper build-essential
sudo alien rpm_filename.rpm
sudo dpkg -i rpm_filename.deb

Probably at least some dependencies will fail, and you have to install those manually.

For NCL, Debian packages are available. Download appropriate package (either 32bit or 64bit), and install it with dpkg -i package_filename.deb. I couldn't test this as they require registeration before downloading is allowed.

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Ferret is now on main Ubuntu Repository. It can be installed as:

sudo apt-get install ferret
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This is not the ferret you are looking for. The visualization package is 'ferret-viz' so:

sudo apt-get install ferret-viz

'ferret' in Debian/Ubuntu is GNU Ferret, a different package.

rgds Alastair McKinstry, ferret-viz and NCL maintainer.

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