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After reading this:

Volume indicator issue after xubuntu 13.10 upgrade

I checked and I am on the saucy salamander release. I tried to kill the indicator and restart the panel, but this problem is still occurring for me.

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Please make your question self-contained; that is, provide sufficient information about your system so that others can understand your exact issue. –  landroni Feb 11 at 15:43
Which infomation do you lack to the know? I still have the original issue that I get a warning every time I start up my system that the volume indicator crashes. I have tried the suggested things by updating my system and killing the indicator and restart it. –  kAlz Mar 1 at 8:42
What is the issue? What warning do you get? If possible, please provide a screenshot. Otherwise the question is too vague for us to help you in any way. –  landroni Mar 1 at 11:24
It's been a couple of days and the crash message have not showed. The image is exactly as the same as in the original post that I refer to and as stated in the original updating to version 13.10 (saucy salamander) which should fix it, which is the one i am on. I have tried the other suggested things in the original one. I do not see which information you lack if you read the original one and put it together with my post and these comments. –  kAlz Mar 6 at 16:51

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