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I tried to completely remove and re-install Minitube for personal issues and I did it with:

sudo apt-get remove --purge minitube-*

But after re-installation I got all history and subscriptions back. From where did it withdraw this config? How can I make it look clean as it's like was installed for the first time?

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apt-get remove will only remove files declared as part of the package installation, not your data files. Your data files are somewhere in your home directory, usually in a hidden directory. Look for a directory named .minitube or something similar (yes, it starts with a dot). Use ls -la to list all files, including hidden ones.

Once you find it, you can remove it with rm -rf .minitube (or whatever the directory name is).

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thank you! You made me to look there again because I actually knew about this I mean .minitube in hidden Home directory. The reason is or was now that there's NO any folder named Minitube and I couldn't find it using ls -la nothing helped because it's named way differently :-) For those who also be looking it's located in /home/.local/share/data – JoKeR Feb 11 '14 at 18:48

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