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I have make drives on my hp laptop b/c i have to install linux on one drive while using windows on other.? one of that drive is if 100gb but while installing linux (version fedora) i have made this drive to be if 40gb. and then install linux. Ran linux and it worked. i shutdown linux. open windows 7. then for that remaining 60gb i made another partition. I restarted my laptop and an error came Error: no such partition Entering rescue mode... grub rescue> I at least want my window 7 back because it contains all of my data. Please please help me that how to fix that error......

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You have corrupted the windows MBR.You have deleted the Ubuntu partition and configuration files necessary for Grub 2 to boot.Now to Boot into windows you need to repair the MBR. It means if you have windows installation disk boot from it.

Choose repair windows

Open cmd and type bootrec.exe/fixmbr

And bootrec.exe/fixboot

finally bootrec.exe/rebuildmbr(only if bootrec.exe/fixmbr fails)

you can refer this

Do a chkdsk at last for fixing disk errors.

Reboot and done.

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