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I have a ubuntu running in vmware, and the folder is mnt/hgfs/somefolder (shared folder from VMWARE).

How can i create a shortcut to open a terminal with this path (mnt/hgfs/somefolder) without need to type everytime cd mnt/hgfs/somefolder?

on windows I use a file somefile.bat with this code:

@cd /d "z:\somefolder\subfolder" 
@cmd.exe /K

It is possible to add some arguments to open in root mode?

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The command to open a terminal in a specific folder is

gnome-terminal --working-directory=/path/to/folder

One can create a .desktop file containing the following details to have a shortcut for this,

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=open terminal in /mnt/hgfs/somefolder
Exec=gnome-terminal --working-directory=/mnt/hgfs/somefolder

Give it execution permission, as

chmod +x /path/to/MyTerminal.desktop

It will create a shortcut named MyTerminal, now double click on it to open a terminal in your desired location.

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To be root at that location use sudo su in the terminal. – souravc Feb 11 '14 at 14:24

Open the .bashrc file ,

gedit .bashrc

Add the below line at the bottom of the file and then save it,

cd /mnt/hgfs/somefolder

Then source the .bashrc file to work,

source .bashrc

Now whenever you open the terminal,it directly cd(goes) into the /mnt/hgfs/somefolder directory.

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