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IMHO, mine is a special case of the ubiquitous "dual boot Ubuntu and Windows with separate hard drives" case.

In my laptop, I've moved the existing "master hard drive" with Win 7 on it to the CD-R slot (via a special tray), left it as was, installed an SSD in the main HDD slot, installed Ubuntu on it. All works fine, apart from the fact that grub doesn't show up at startup, so I'll have to boot the Windows disk via F10 (or F12?) from the BIOS "boot loader" which I tend to forget to press.

I'm guessing this might be to do with the fact that I have encrypted the whole Windows drive with TrueCrypt, so grub will not be able to actually "see" that there's a Windows installation on the secondary drive.

Can anyone please recommend a solution for this? I guess what I would be after was a customized grub config...

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