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I am trying to create a 'shortcut' that I can pin to my launcher in Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS that will lauch an RDesktop session.

It works fine from the command line thus:

rdesktop -u UserName -d Domain -g 1024x720 -a 16 ServerName

I found something close on this forum:

Terminal command script launcher

but it does not quite work.

I made the desktop file that contains this (made it executable etc as per the link above):

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Open an RDP session to ServerName
Exec=rdesktop -u UserName -d Domain -g 1024x720 -a 16 ServerName

I figured if I could get it to work from the desktop, then I could somehow pin it to the launcher afterwards?

However, when I run it from the desktop, nothing seems to happen. I tried choosing the 'terminal' option, and also the 'run' option, but neither seems to work.

Any ideas gratefully received.



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You can just copy your *.desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications.

Or use alacarte application for this.

sudo apt-get install alacarte

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Try /usr/bin/rdesktop as the command to execute. That worked for me when creating a shortcut on my desktop.

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This doesn't create a shortcut. –  guntbert Apr 22 '14 at 9:30

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