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from firefox (though i think it will do this from other browsers) if the page i am viewing has an image i would like to save, but the image is wrapped by an anchor link, i cannot drag and drop to save the image.

if i just drag and drop the image, it will save a link to the anchor target to wherever i dragged. if i drag and drop while holding ctrl, it will save the target of the anchor (like an entire html page).

i'm using ubuntu 13.10 with gnome shell. this is a recently fresh install.

i found a few other questions that describe the same problem, but no real answers:

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Saving Gmail attachments using drag and drop results in a link, not a file

one of the questions has an answer, but it describes using ctrl + drag and that only gives me the target of the anchor.

i use this drag and drop functionality on windows, and i thought it worked on previous versions of ubuntu (i used 11.04 or 11.10 for a while), but i just switched back to using ubuntu and it's not working now. i can't pinpoint where the problem lies (ubuntu version, gnome desktop, firefox).

is this something i need to change a setting for? will i need to find/make a firefox extension so that it doesn't provide an html anchor to the desktop environment's drag and drop handler? i'm not sure where to look about this issue, and any help would be greatly appreciated. manually saving files via right-click menu is tedious.

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