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I want to contribute as a Ubuntu developer, and help out Ubuntu in any way I can, but don't really know where to register as a Ubuntu developer, or what the requirements/steps for being an Ubuntu developer are.

How would I register to become a Ubuntu developer?

Also, when I have registered myself, how do I upload packages?


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If your motivation is only the free Valve games, that is not a quality they are looking for in developers.

In any case, the steps to become an Ubuntu developer are detailed on the ubuntu website.

Becoming a Ubuntu Developer entails interacting with the Ubuntu Community and Members, working in the specific area you are interested, then applying to the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board.

A good starting point for package publication is to create a personal package archive and publish packages to it.

See also:

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I didn't ask this just for the free games, I asked this because on its own, its a good question. The free games, was just a bonus, future developers might get a kick out of. Feel free to delete it, or don't? BTW, linked answer are - I think - generally not allowed. Best to copy the essentials here. Thanks for the link tho! –  blade19899 Feb 10 at 17:58
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The most updated page that describes the different ways to contribute to Ubuntu is UbuntuDevelopers.

You don't just register and start uploading. You typically start by preparing patches / merge proposals that developers review and upload. That way you gain the necessary experience to apply later on for some type of right to upload by yourself.

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