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i´ve got this Imac G5 PowerPC 2Ghz & 2GB SDRAM and i got it for free!

i´m not an fan of apple but i thought that the specs were pretty nice for emulating snes gba and psx, however there are no descent one´s for the powerpc or at least not in the way i want them to work, like no fullscreen support or joystick support. i tried everything like emulator enhancer and controllermate and all that stuff.

my question is, will i get more software possibilities if i put ubuntu on the Mac ?

like for instance, PCSX Reloaded or ePSXe, wich are intel and linux based ? ( the only one for PowerPC is PCSX and it´s kinda crappy)

i´ve read the Q&A about the whole matter but it still doesnt make things clear for me.


with kind regards,


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Processor type is processor type, there is no getting around it. You could, I suppose, recompile a x86 app for powerpc if you have the source. –  Seth Feb 27 '14 at 16:56

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