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Ok I am a noob to linux and ubuntu. I have after trying many times created a live boot disk using my samsung galaxy ring, DroidDrive, and ubuntu 12.04 iso. I am now running ubuntu 12.04 LTS on an acer aspire one d255-2566. I ran the boot disk and installed ubuntu to a formatted ps3 60 gb sata hard drive. I initially tried installing ubuntu using the drive as an internal hdd in my acer. The boot disk worked fine. I was able to check ubuntu out and liked it so i tried to install it. When i rebooted, i put the internall 1rst on the boot list in bios and restarted my acer. Ubuntu loaded but got stuck on the splash screen. I then pulled the ps3 hdd out of my acer, and put it into a sata to usb hdd enclosure. I started the boot disk again, reformatted the hard drive( now a usb hdd) and installed ubuntu. I then restarted my acer, loaded bios and set the usb hdd to boot first. I restarted my acer and everything works perfect. THAT WAS THE SPECIFICS... NOW FOR THE QUESTION... If i power off my acer, remove the hdd from the external enclosure and use it as the internal hdd in my acer, boot into bios and set my internal hdd to boot first, will everything work? I know in the time it took me to type this on my android i could have tried it, but i want to be sure. Thanks and preciation to any one who can help a noob.

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