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I'm trying to build a server with minidlna installed. Installation worked fine, but having it run on startup is more problematic. I added minidlna to my rc.local, and now on boot I get log messages stating:

minidlna.c:132: error: bind(http): Address already in use minidlna.c:1004: fatal: Failed to open socket for HTTP. EXITING

I have tried setting the bind device (eth0), and changing the port, which is now 8300 instead of 8200. All in vain. And, even more unsettling: when I start minidlna manually from the terminal, it runs just fine. This makes me suspect the config is not the problem; I just cannot figure out what is. Could somebody give me a suggestion?

Thanks a million!


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Although networking is started before rc.local runs, networking may not yet be ready (e.g. waiting for an IP address from DHCP). An easy work around may be adding

sleep 2m

before the actual command starting minidlna. Of course you can adjust the time "2m" to an amount suitable for your setup.

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