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I have a new, home-built HTPC computer with Ubuntu 13.10 installed. I'm using it to run XBMC. I have a 120 GB SSD drive for the operating system and programs, and a 2 TB drive for media storage.

I've installed Samba and followed the procedures in Ubuntu 12.04 documentation for Samba File Server, with the exception of changing drive ownership which I couldn't do. I set up one shared folder on the 120GB drive, and three shared folders on the 2TB drive. I'm having the following problems.

  1. I can access the Public folder on the main drive using a second user account entitled "sharer". When I try to connect using my Ubuntu admin account from either an Apple or Windows machine, it won't allow me to.
  2. When I'm connected as "sharer", I cannot access the folders on the 2TB drive. The drive is owned by me, but I'm unable to change the ownership or permissions.

What do I need to do to make things work. How can I change the drive ownership and permissions?

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