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I am new to UBUNTU and want to install it on my Dell 15R 5521 laptop. I want to study OS and it as a part of my coursework. I tried all the methods which I could get from askubuntu.com to install but all in vain. I am in bit hurry because I got to study from it. If not done I would have to install VMware and run it which I don't want to. I have done following steps:

  1. Created a different partition on Windows 8 using disk management.

  2. Created a UBUNTU USB stick using unetbootin and Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS image.

  3. Turned the fast startup off from power options in control panel.

  4. Change the UEFI settings secure boot ON / OFF (both) and UEFI ENABLED / DISABLED (Both). All combinations.

The problem is when I try to restart my computer it does not boot from USB stick. I cannot find the the option of booting from USB device anywhere. I tried to do that in Legacy mode in which I could find an option to boot from USB but it did not boot from USB stating the error "No bootable OS found and unplug all the drives". I had only the Ubuntu USB stick connected to my laptop.

Please guide me. Thanking everyone in advance.

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