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I cannot access my ubuntu shared folders and I cannot ping it too (from windows). In ubuntu, I have smbd and nmbd services started. The ubuntu machine can be seen in the windows Network directory. The router's DHCP table can see the IP of both machines. I am not using any virtualization, these are two different machines. I can ping the ip of the windows machine and access its shared directories from the ubuntu. There are no firewalls on both machines.

Here is the result of ifconfig. eth1 is the wireless LAN. i think it is suppposed to be wlan0 but that is what appeared after installation.

enter image description here

Here is the smb.conf file At the bottom of smb.conf is the shared directory.

Here are the routes

enter image description here

Here is the screenshot of the ipconfig in windows

enter image description here


I modified my smb.conf it still didn't work

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solved it by fixing a static ip to ubuntu and creating an arp entry in windows

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